Introducing hiCharli: The AI-powered chatbot for personalized product advice in ecommerce.

Apr 11, 2023

In the highly competitive world of ecommerce, retailers are constantly searching for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide the best possible customer experience. One way they can do this is by offering customers personalized product advice when they search for a product. To make this process more efficient and effective, hiCharli has developed an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot solution that provides real-time tailored product advice to customers.

hiCharli is an AI-powered chatbot platform specifically designed to help ecommerce retailers provide personalized product advice. It helps retailers understand customers' needs, preferences, and shopping behavior to recommend the most suitable products quickly and accurately. The platform uses natural language understanding (NLU) and generative AI (GPT4) technology to classify, tag, and match customer questions with millions of product specifications, reviews, videos, and manuals stored in its database. This allows hiCharli to provide personalized advice on specific products within seconds of receiving a customer question.

Fast Integration for Happier Customers

Using hiCharli has many benefits, including higher conversion rates due to more accurate recommendations, easy integration with existing ecommerce platforms, and time savings for customers who do not have to manually browse through thousands of products. Additionally, hiCharli can provide personalized advice based on individual customer preferences, and it is scalable as the number of customers grows or their needs change over time. Finally, the use of hiCharli can also lead to cost savings by minimizing returns.

Moreover, hiCharli is designed for plug-and-play integration, so no coding or flow building is required, making it quickly operational with minimal effort or setup from retailers. With its powerful NLU capabilities, generative AI technology, and natural language interface, hiCharli transforms static product catalogs into interactive chatbots that proactively engage customers in question-and-answer sessions about specific products and make personalized recommendations tailored to the needs or preferences of each individual.

Charli's Mission

At hiCharli, our mission is simple - to revolutionize the way personalized product advice is given in ecommerce environments by using our unique combination of advanced AI technologies in combination with easy integration options, so that any retailer can benefit, regardless of size or budget. We believe that our innovative approach will not only increase customer satisfaction but also increase conversion rates while reducing the return costs associated with inaccurate purchases due to human seller or online search algorithm recommendations.


hiCharli, an Amsterdam-based startup, aims to transform the way we shop online. Founder Michiel van de Plassche, already well-known in the ecommerce world for his successful company CustomConcepts (winner of several awards such as the Deloitte Fast50, FD Gazelle Awards, and Crossborder Award), has firsthand experience with the challenges consumers and businesses face when trying to find the right product in an increasingly complex online environment. With hiCharli, van de Plassche aims to streamline and make the online shopping experience more efficient, believing that this will reduce return costs for both businesses and the planet. The hiCharli team is currently working on a beta version of their platform and looking for innovative online retailers to test and further develop the platform.